We are Jeroen & Antonella. We have been traveling to Curaçao for a number of years because Antonella's son chose in 2015 to build his future on this beautiful island. Just like him, we fell in love with Dushi  Curaçao and that's why we started looking for our dream holiday home. After many searches, we visited the new Winston Valley Resort, a beautiful and luxurious bungalow park. It was love at first sight and we bought a bungalow at this resort. We would like to share La Villetta with our guests because we are sure that you will feel at home here and you will experience an unforgettable and relaxing holiday. Obviously we will try to make it as pleasant as possible for you. The host will welcome you and hand over the keys of the house. She will make sure that everything is clean and that nothing is missing on your arrival. If you have any questions, you can contact her.