As soon as you leave HATO international airport, turn left onto the “Franklin D. Rooseveltweg”.

Follow this road for about 5 km until you reach a traffic light.

At the traffic lights, keep to the left lane and go straight ahead.

You arrive at the 2nd traffic light at a large intersection, where you turn left onto the “Winston Churchillweg”.

You will come across a McDonalds on your left, drive a little further until you see the outdoor bar “Super mi Lucha” on your right.

When you see this outdoor bar, turn left onto “Seru Fortunaweg”.

On the “Seru Fortunaweg” you drive over 2 speed bumps, immediately after the 2nd speed bump you turn right into the street “Kanga”.

Drive along this street for about 200 meters until you see the second large gray gate on the right.

You have arrived at the resort.

The manager will wait for you inside the gate. Just flash the lights or honk and the gate will be opened for you.